Upcoming Events

Let Your Feature Flag Fly

Is "deployment" synonymous with "release to all users" in your project? Sometimes that's fine, but sometimes having a bit more control is better. This talk will introduce the concept of feature flags to those who may not be familiar with them, explain how they can be used to separate the concerns of deployment and releasing, demonstrate an example implementation using a Django project, and discuss some best practices for feature flag life cycle management.

Our speaker, Scott Cranfill is officially a front-end web developer at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, but lately he finds himself liking Python more than JavaScript, so he's moving into more of a full-stack role. Outside of his day job, he has been contributing to the Wagtail CMS project for a little over a year through code and community support.

Interlock's Anniversary

Interlock has been a great friend to RocDev. When we were kicked out of our old space, they opened their doors. This month is its 10th anniversary and they'd like to celebrate. But they might be kicked out of their own space soon so on 10/25, they'll be hosting a fundraiser and membership drive.

If you can make it, we'd love to see you there to celebrate 10 years of Rochester's first hackerspace. Signing up here is fine, but Interlock's page is preferred: https://www.meetup.com/Interlock-Rochester-Hackerspace/events/265346439/.

RocDev Spotlight: VisualDx

The RocDev Spotlight series aims to show our members what is being built in the area by whom and how.

In this installment, we go to VisualDx who builds clinical decision support systems. For their bread and butter, they use machine learning and an army of medical librarians to build applications to help doctors figure out what's wrong and devise a treatment plan.

They've taken this tool for doctors and built a tool targeted to regular people. It's called Aysa, and you can download it on the App Store and Play Store now. If you've been wondering what that thing is on your arm and how Aysa figures it out, join us on East Avenue October 29th and find out. Food and drink will be provided.

Past Events

Hacktoberfest Informal Code & Coffee

Come join us in a co-working session at Starbucks next to the Pittsford library! This session will be focused on helping interested members make pull requests (PRs) to open source software projects for Hacktoberfest!

Hacktoberfest® is open to everyone. Whether you’re a developer, student learning to code, event host, or company of any size, you can help drive growth of open source and make positive contributions to an ever-growing community. All backgrounds and skill levels are encouraged to complete the challenge.


Community Beers after Rochester Security Summit

Join us after the Rochester Security Summit at St. Paul Proper for drinks and meeting up IRL. Interlock members will be in attendance and this is a good chance to meet some of the people in different groups (ROCDEV, Rochester 2600, ISSA, OWASP, etc) and others in the Rochester tech community.

Invite your friends and co-workers, no fees involved. We have a dedicated area in the back of the bar but we'll be hanging out all over.

Sign up here or https://www.meetup.com/Interlock-Rochester-Hackerspace/events/264824250/.

[RocJS] Simple and Powerful Web Deployment With Netlify

Netlify is a fast and powerful modern web hosting solution that comes packed with features, most of which are absolutely free for personal projects and affordable for business owners.

In this talk we'll

- Cover the basics of the hosting platform, such as creating an account, linking it to Github, and deploying sites.

- Cover other useful tools like Domains, Environmental Variables, Functions, adding Team Members, Forms, A/B - Split Testing

- Do a live example of deploying a React app to Netlify.

- Show the Netlify CLI and how you can run their environment and test everything locally.

- Talk about the free and powerful Netlify CMS.