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SoftwareScout Speaks: Recruiter Secrets Revealed

SoftwareScout, posing as mild mannered Eric Derby, will attempt feats of great knowledge and understanding as he reveals the secrets every recruiter knows.

Over the course of Eric's years of recruiting, he has coached candidates on every topic related to a job search. In this workshop he will talk about what works and does not work in the hiring process. He will explain the workings and perspectives of corporations and agencies. A range of topics will be briefly covered, with time for more detailed questions on specific topics.

Eric Derby of The Software Scout and Staffing Insights began his career as a software developer, then a network manager, and accidentally found his way into recruiting. In his 20 years in staffing he has worked as a headhunter, worked for staffing agencies, worked on-site with corporations, and is currently back to running his own company and working as a staffing consultant. He has a rare combination of a technical degree and a human resources certification, and has worked with companies from both the inside and outside. Eric’s experience provides a diverse and unusual perspective on staffing.

Join us in the fight for truth, justice, and getting the offer.

Past Events

[Spotlight] Paychex

The Spotlight series continues with Paychex, an industry leader in HCM solutions, with a purpose to Provide our clients the freedom to succeed. Achieving that purpose looks very different now than it did when the company began 49 years ago.

Today, Paychex is known as a Technology disruptor; they provide their clients the opportunity to do what they do best- run their business anytime and anywhere. What does that require?

120+ Agile teams
3 Core Data Centers; 2 Cloud Providers
35,000+ databases in Azure SQL managed via dynamic pools
20,000+ Infrastructure-as-Code Docker Containers
On-demand Development Environments
Mobile-first platform designs
60% of chat inquiries answered without human interaction
And more….

Utilizing over 35 tools and technologies such as MongoDB, Gradle, Openshift, RabbitMQ, Perfecto, Tidal, Groovy, Splunk, Git, Zscaler, Exabeam, Checkmarx, and XebiaLabs, our 1300+ PD&IT employees are always looking for ways to improve the client experience.
We invite you to join us for dinner as we touch on the inner workings of Program & Architecture, Development & Infrastructure, Security & Enterprise Technologies, User Experience & Enterprise Support. Come find out why Paychex is consistently recognized by Forbes for Innovation & Best Companies to Work, Brandon Hall Group for Excellence in Technology, and Ethisphere for the World’s Most Ethical Companies.

[RocJS] Type Less, Code More w/ Svelte

SvelteJS is a new-ish tool for building Web Applications using JavaScript. Svelte uses components, similar to React & Vue. Svelte does not use a virtual-DOM or shadow-DOM, unlike React & Vue. The goal of this talk is to understand the reason for Svelte and get hands-on experience using Svelte.

- Why is Svelte
- What is Svelte
- How to code with Svelte
- Demos
- If there’s time, Sapper => the ‘next small thing in web development’

“Reducing the amount of code you have to write is an explicit goal of Svelte.” - Svelte Blog @ https://svelte.dev/blog/write-less-code

Introduction to Elastic(search)

A practical introduction to text and data analysis using Elasticsearch and Kibana. Max Irwin and Jeremy Yelle will provide a base level of the technology, capabilities, and use cases. You'll walk away with the skills you need to start utilizing elastic in your day to day operations.

UPDATE: Please bring a laptop, we would like this to be a hands-on style lab!

- High level overview of Lucene
- Apache Solr, Elasticsearch
- Elastic as a company / other Elastic offerings
- Using Elastic for Search
- Search Relevance
- Kibana Introductions
- Building Visualizations