Upcoming Events

Transitions: Azure Application Services for the Enterprise

This session will delve into the lessons learned transitioning from Cloud Services to App Services.
Paychex Senior Manager of Application Development, Dustin Kester, will discuss how Paychex transitioned from Cloud to App Services using Azure. This discussion will address what was encountered and learned during the transition, best practices, and how Paychex has optimized utilization. Our time will include Q & A and an opportunity for all to share their experiences.

The hosts will provide a light dinner for attendees.

Modern Monitoring with Grafana and Loki

In this talk, we’ll hear from Ed Welch, a software engineer at Grafana Labs. He’ll cover the latest open source offering for aggregating and storing logs: Loki. Loki was built to store logs more affordably than existing offerings through design tradeoffs on log content indexing. Come learn how Loki works and see it in action with Grafana, demonstrating how you can pivot from alerts to log content with just a few clicks. We will also cover using Loki to generate metrics from your log data allowing you to instrument “black box” applications.

SoftwareScout Speaks: Recruiter Secrets Revealed

SoftwareScout, posing as mild mannered Eric Derby, will attempt feats of great knowledge and understanding as he reveals the secrets every recruiter knows.

Over the course of Eric's years of recruiting, he has coached candidates on every topic related to a job search. In this workshop he will talk about what works and does not work in the hiring process. He will explain the workings and perspectives of corporations and agencies. A range of topics will be briefly covered, with time for more detailed questions on specific topics.

Eric Derby of The Software Scout and Staffing Insights began his career as a software developer, then a network manager, and accidentally found his way into recruiting. In his 20 years in staffing he has worked as a headhunter, worked for staffing agencies, worked on-site with corporations, and is currently back to running his own company and working as a staffing consultant. He has a rare combination of a technical degree and a human resources certification, and has worked with companies from both the inside and outside. Eric’s experience provides a diverse and unusual perspective on staffing.

Join us in the fight for truth, justice, and getting the offer.

Past Events

RocDev Spotlights Forbes

Did you know that Forbes (as in the magazine) has a satellite office in Rochester? Stop by the new MAGIC building on the RIT campus for an evening of food (free pizza!) and fun as we shine the RocDev Spotlight on our little team. You'll get a brief intro about Forbes partnership with RIT, a sneak peek at the CMS we're building here, and a Q&A with Forbes engineers and interns.

Bridging the Gap Between Dev and Ops with XebiaLabs

It's no secret that uniting Development and Operations to deliver software isn’t easy. Developers want freedom to innovate. Operations teams want to mitigate risk. Together, Development and Operations are tasked with building and releasing high-quality software quickly, predictably, securely, and efficiently. An Enterprise DevOps approach calls for a framework to organize and control your software delivery pipeline. In this demo, XebiaLabs will present a modern approach to making it easier for organizations to:

• Connect all of the tools in your software delivery pipeline
• Provide a DevOps template on any architecture
• Optimize Continuous Delivery

We'll then hear Paychex's perspective in utilizing the XebiaLabs DevOps Platform, and open the conversation for best practices among the Rochester community.

A light dinner will be provided

In partnership with RIG- Rochester Infrastructure Group, a light dinner will be served

Flying Solo: The World of (Contract) Developer Relations

PJ Hagerty, owner of DevRelate, talks about how he got started, how the “game” works, some insights on what it’s like at big vs small companies, and why he went solo.

Catalant, a startup in NextCorps, is providing us the space and pizza.