Upcoming Events

Docker: An Introduction to the World of Containers

In partnership with RocDev & RIG, ComSource and Docker will demystify the world of Containers and facilitate a discussion on how Docker Containers will fundamentally change the Infrastructure, Development and DevOps processes in the coming years.
1. Docker Introduction
2. Container Lifecycle: Development, Operations, Infrastructure
3. Development:
Images: Codes, dependencies & security
Modernizing legacy applications
Consistent Application Delivery pipeline
4. Operations
Improve user & policy controls
Simplifying maintenance and troubleshooting
5. Infrastructure:
The results of Containers on IT budgets
Orchestrating Containers across many hosts
Improved visibility into infrastructure
Logging & metrics collection

Tooling for Continuous Delivery

Rochester IT leaders, engineers, and administrators, let's have a collaborative discussion on our efforts to achieve greater automation, orchestration, velocity, and quality in our work! Specifically, where are we in our journey to further our maturity in our Continuous Delivery efforts. What tools are we using to further our automation and orchestration capabilities for our IT infrastructure? How more closely aligned are we now to developers in our day-to-day work and how aligned to developers do we see ourselves with our future efforts?
Please sign up at RIG: https://www.meetup.com/RIG-Rochester-Infrastructure-Group/events/256470429/

Learning Splunk

Join us for a round-table with members of the Splunk team to discuss log aggregation, Splunk as a security tool, as well as other uses and benefits of this cutting edge technology

Past Events

Intro to OpenShift & Kubernetes

Rochester IT leaders, engineers, and administrators: Let's talk about Kubernetes and OpenShift.
Kubernetes is an open-source container-orchestration system for automating deployment, scaling and management of containerized applications. OpenShift is the Enterprise ready version of Kubernetes supplied and supported by Red Hat.
Join us as we present on what Kubernetes is, how it can be used, and how local IT shops are leveraging Kubernetes in development and production. Red Hat will be on site and Paychex will talk about how we have implemented OpenShift as our next-gen application platform.
Refreshments served.
Please sign up at RIG: https://www.meetup.com/RIG-Rochester-Infrastructure-Group/events/257354556/edit/

IoT development with Raspberry Pi

Tim Poulsen will give an overview of the Raspberry Pi and explain how it can be used for hardware hacking projects. He'll illustrate some of the projects he's built as well as some of the popular community-driven projects out there.

(Tim gave this presentation to the Buffalo Python meetup in December and they didn't chase him from the building with pitchforks and torches. So, it promises to be passably interesting.)

QubesOS: Desperately Securing The Desktop

QubesOS is an security-based operating system that isolates every application using virtualization. This is similar to how your phone creates a sandbox for each application you run but QubesOS isolates your email client from your PDF viewer, for example, using a hypervisor. It's an attempt to answer the question "How do I secure my desktop if I don't trust the hardware?" This talk will cover how QubesOS works, what security it provides, and lessons learned from using it for the past few years.