Upcoming Events

RocPy General Meeting: Tools for Learning Python

We're going to join our friends over at RocPy for a night. The topic is "Tools for Learning Python", and you can sign up here: https://www.meetup.com/Rochester-Python-Meetup/events/rlpqtrybclbxb/.

Past Events

Movie Night: DynamoDB

Let’s learn DynamoDB together by watching a conference talk by Rick Houlihan, a Principal Technologist at AWS. We’ll stop at points to ask questions and discuss.


Introduction to Rust

Rust is a new "systems" programming language that provides memory safety without garbage collection and the expressiveness of a high-level language with performance and control similar to C/C++. As a result, it has topped the chart of StackOverflow's "most loved" languages for the past five years in a row. While still relatively new (first stable release in 2015), adoption is growing--from Firefox and NPM to Facebook and Microsoft.

We'll give a quick introduction to and tour of the language and its major features, along with some of the trade-offs (e.g., more detailed types and restrictions) necessary to provide its safety guarantees. We'll also discuss the contexts in which it's most useful and how it makes systems programming more accessible.

Our presenter will be Kendall Koning, a recent émigré from tech law and policy academia who, lacking the experience to write C without causing the machine to halt and catch fire, has been using rust in an experimental distributed system.

Innovating Your Career Path

Career development is not a linear path. Technical professionals are increasingly taking innovative pathways to advance their career. Often, the greatest successes come from exposure to the greatest risks. One of the most common patterns is for a professional to entertain a side-hustle or back-burner an entrepreneurship concept while stabilizing their career. But those who are willing to advertise their successes and failures in the startup spaces have an under-leveraged selection advantage. In the modern day hiring market, the willingness to commit to a high-risk, high-reward entrepreneurial venture is an increasingly positive resume-builder rather than a liability.

Our speaker Matt Harp is employed as an Enterprise Architect at Paychex. This means that he is constantly working to develop Paychex as a company – in terms of technical systems, business opportunities, and any other growth. He designs and builds new patterns, processes, and systems to support the next 15+ years of business operations.

Matt is also a serial entrepreneur, entrepreneur-in-residence, and micro-fund investor. He has founded, funded, or advised over 30 local area companies during a variety of stages. He evaluates startup pitches for many different business types, including pulling apart pitches for emerging companies and judging student-led entities during pitch competitions. He most recently served as a judge for University of Rochester Ain Center’s business pitch competition.

Matt remains very active in startup community spaces in Upstate NY region. He works with local area entrepreneurs to refine their pitch, develop their business, partner up, or provide any assistance he can.

Matt believes strongly in servant leadership and recently published a book of meditations on leadership with the intent to support those who look to lead, including leadership of new and existing businesses. Matt continues to engage in conversations on how to best develop and support new leaders, whether in educational environments, corporations, or startup spaces.