Upcoming Events

The Mother of All Demos: Rediscovering the Birth of Modern Interactive Computing

One day and fifty-two years after the historic "mother of all demos", our own Howard Bussey will discuss and share some excerpts from the presentation by Doug Engelbart at the 1968 Fall Joint Computer Conference. In his demo, he showed the foundations of today's interactive computing: windows, hypertext, video conferencing, computer-supported collaborative work, and revision control. He'll also talk briefly about the computer supporting all this, and some threads that computer spawned.

In Howard Bussey's first computer job he found and fixed a garbage collector bug in a Snobol implementation on a timesharing computer. He wrote software at Bell Labs for the 5ESS. He contributed to the research that was standardized as Asynchronous Transfer Mode (although they all thought the standardized cell size would be 1 or 2 kbytes). At Kodak, he worked on several on-line services. At RIT, he worked on EPLS and modeled some vehicle systems. He currently tutors dyslexic students, does recreational programming, and volunteers with the Rochester IEEE Section.

Did the New Year bring a New You? Assessing your Career Goals

2020 was a good year to learn a new skill or refocus on what was truly important. It was also a year to step back and evaluate the type of culture you want to work in, the sort of people you want to surround yourself with, and the passions that drive your best work forward. But now what?
Our own Eric Derby (Software Scout) is going to guide us on a journey of self-assessment to help discover what we want out of our next career move, how that aligns with work/life balance, and how to best target the companies and jobs that support the type of corporate culture we need to thrive.
Come with questions if you like and a mind open to new possibilities.

Past Events

Compensation Survey Analysis and Discussion

We're currently running a compensation survey for software professionals in the Greater Rochester Area. On this night, we'll go over the results. If you haven't filled it out, you can do so here: https://forms.gle/HR42LuDen8ZNeeEq9 . If you didn't know it was happening, check the last one sign up for our newsletter at the bottom: https://mailchi.mp/b94e2813d433/rocdev-newsletter-5302905?e=%5BUNIQID%5D .

Hacktoberfest Office Hours (Lunch Edition)

It's the home stretch for Hacktoberfest! We'll be there to help get some PRs through or rubber duck your way though a problem.

Hacktoberfest Office Hours

October means Hacktoberfest (https://hacktoberfest.digitalocean.com/)! We’ll be running open office hours to help people get PRs through. If it’s your first contribution, it can be tricky to both find an issue as well as making the PR. And even if it’s not your first, we can be good rubber ducks.

Zoom link added and posted in Slack (https://roc.dev).