Upcoming Events

RIG - Intro to AppDynamics

Cross post for https://www.meetup.com/RIG-Rochester-Infrastructure-Group/events/255242814/. RSVP there if interested.

Come meet with AppDynamics, an application performance management tool industry leader! We'll learn about the latest features and functionality in automated performance monitoring, end-user monitoring, infrastructure visibility and business performance software. Join us for the opportunity to network with other IT Ops professionals and observe how the AppD software is utilized at Paychex.


Join us for the Global Day of Coderetreat (https://www.coderetreat.org/) on November 17th! Never done a Coderetreat before? That's OK! We love having new people join us! Why join? Deliberate practice. If you enjoy writing software and want to get better at it, a Coderetreat is a great way to collaboratively improve. Oh, and breakfast and lunch will be provided.

What will you be doing?
You'll pair program Conway's Game of Life in short intervals. At the end of each interval, we'll delete our code, hold a brief retrospective, and find a new partner to do the next iteration with. During the event, facilitators will introduce new constraints to push your creativity and collaboration.

What do you need?
0. You've read https://rocdev.org/code-of-conduct/.
1. The whole day. If you show up considerably late, you're going to be lost.
2. A computer with a web browser that you're OK with someone else using with you. Preferably, have a unit testing tool installed. http://cyber-dojo.org/ works well if you do not.
3. Some programming experience. If you've never written loops and conditionals before, you're not going to have a good time.

How many people can sign up?
For now, we're limiting the count to 20. If we get a wait list, we'll try to open more slots. Since space is limited, please only join if you know you can make it. If you need to bring an interpreter, mention it in the comments or send a message to the organizers.

Still have questions or just want to chat? You can find George on Slack (go to https://rocdev.org for an invite) and Twitter as @geow4.

Past Events

Making your first Pull Request for Hacktoberfest

It's Hacktoberfest! DigitalOcean and GitHub team up every year to promote contributions to open source software. But how do you do that? We'll guide you through the process of submitting your first PR (pull request) and get you started on the way to earning the Hacktoberfest prize.

Bring a laptop with a development environment on it to get the most out of the night.

Introduction to React Native - September 26, 2018

For September 2018 the RochesterJS meeting will be hosted by Paychex at their 675 Basket Road, Webster NY location. Peter Traeg will be presenting an introduction to React-Native. React-Native provides a way to create native mobile apps using JavaScript. These applications run on both iOS and Android devices with performance that approaches that of applications written with traditional native development tools. React Native provides developers with a way to reach both of these mobile platforms without needing to learn a completely new set of development tooling for each platform. It also allows you to reuse much of your code across the 2 platforms.

During this session you’ll get an overview of what React-Native is all about. We’ll also have a small “hands-on” section that will allow you to build your first mobile app in React-Native. All you’ll need is a browser (you can even use a Chromebook) and an iOS or Android mobile device. To do this we’ll be using Expo.io which a browser based IDE for the development of ReactNative apps.

For those interested in the hands-on section more setup instructions can be found at: https://rochesterjs.wordpress.com/

Parking / Security Instructions: For parking, please use the lot on Boulter Industrial Park (first left off of Basket). Enter through the employee entrance, there will be a security guard there; he will direct you to the room.

The Momentum Formula

Tonight, we'll be hearing from Joe Hoffend at ITX on their Momentum Formula.

We’ve all been on a project that has gone off the rails. That’s why we developed the Momentum formula. After analyzing thousands of software projects, the Momentum formula is a simple diagnostic tool that can be used to accurately identify where a project is having challenges. As part of the presentation, each piece of the momentum formula will be explained in detail, so that you may apply it to any project you work on and help lead it to success.

Joe’s career began when he co-founded an Internet startup company with some friends in the early 2000’s. After seven years, and obtaining over 10 million page views a month and 1 million registered users, Joe’s company was acquired. Joe then joined ITX and oversaw several of its delivery teams, managing large custom enterprise projects.

Joe’s focus at ITX today is managing the Product Innovation team, which works with clients to build a solid vision and roadmap for their software products, while maintaining capable and motivated teams. Part of the practice centers around building Personas and Key Performance Indicators with our clients, with the ultimate goal being to turn every user into an inspired brand advocate.