Upcoming Events

Hacktoberfest Office Hours (Lunch Edition)

It's the home stretch for Hacktoberfest! We'll be there to help get some PRs through or rubber duck your way though a problem.

Past Events

Hacktoberfest Office Hours

October means Hacktoberfest (https://hacktoberfest.digitalocean.com/)! We’ll be running open office hours to help people get PRs through. If it’s your first contribution, it can be tricky to both find an issue as well as making the PR. And even if it’s not your first, we can be good rubber ducks.

Zoom link added and posted in Slack (https://roc.dev).

Getting acquainted with PowerShell

In November of 2006, Microsoft released the first version of Windows PowerShell. Today, PowerShell is a common part of a DevOps engineer's toolbox. Join Mark Christman as he covers background, fundamental cmdlets and structures, and deeper dive resources.

RocPy General Meeting: Tools for Learning Python

We're going to join our friends over at RocPy for a night. The topic is "Tools for Learning Python", and you can sign up here: https://www.meetup.com/Rochester-Python-Meetup/events/rlpqtrybclbxb/.