Upcoming Events

Azure SQL Databases: Utilizing Elastic Pools to Manage Thousands of Databases

BY REQUEST: Learn how Paychex Utilizes Elastic Pools to Manage Tens of Thousands of Databases: In this session, you will hear from Vijay Kundanagurthi, a software engineer from Paychex. We’ll cover our journey to migrate tens of thousands of databases from an on premise environment to Azure cloud and stabilize for optimal cost and performance. The focus will be on lessons learned, best practices and how we manage day to day operations.

RocDev Spotlights Innovative Solutions

Empowering clients and their customers through cutting edge technology, Innovative Solutions are deeply engaged in understanding industry leading technology. A leader in the Greater Rochester community, Innovative has offered its services to businesses of all sizes for over 30 years.
- Pulling back the curtain to give a behind the scenes look at their roadmap to becoming a Premier Partner with AWS, they will share some of who they are and what they do.
- Chris Fello, Mike Krauklis, & John Hill will share their combined professional experience with Lambda, DynamoDB, Containers, and becoming Certified AWS DevOps Professionals.
- To closeout the evening, there will be a tour of their new space.

Be sure to place your business card in the raffle at the door, as 1 lucky attendee will take home an Innovative Hoodie.

Pizza (regular and gluten free) and Salad as well as Beer/Wine/Soda will be served…and trust us it will be fun!

Join us, as we shine the RocDev Spotlight on Innovative Solutions.

Lightning Talks

Lightning isn't just a result of thunderstorms, ya know. Sometimes you even see it around volcanic eruptions: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Volcanic_lightning. And sometimes you see it at Meetups! That's right. We're doing lightning talks! We're going to target 5 minutes per talk to give everyone a chance "on stage", but we engineers tend to go over estimates by 20%. You can bring slides--we'll have a projector--but don't think that's a requirement. You could open a terminal to show off a cool new tool. You could demo some application you built. You could even tell us a little more about volcanic lightning. I know you clicked that link.

If you know you want to give a talk, comment down below. If you don't have a topic, no worries; you can decide one minute before the last person finishes. And if you just don't want to talk, but you want to learn a little about a lot, that's fine, too, but I recommend giving it a try. None of us is as smart as all of us, and everyone has something they can share for a couple minutes.

Past Events

Drawing with SVG

Have you ever wondered how the NYTimes creates visualization graphics, or tried to hack CSS to create basic shapes on your web pages? SVG is a native browser format that lets us "draw" on the page. Let's talk about the fundamental shapes, how SVG differs from HTML, and how to build on those fundamentals to make anything from a pretty checkbox to a complicated chart.

Amelia Wattenberger, author of Fullstack D3 and Data Visualization (https://www.fullstack.io/fullstack-d3), will be teaching this at a conference workshop towards the end of August and wants to give it to RocDev first! Local company VisualDx will be hosting. Parking is available on streets and a few nearby lots.

SoftwareScout Speaks: Recruiter Secrets Revealed

SoftwareScout, posing as mild mannered Eric Derby, will attempt feats of great knowledge and understanding as he reveals the secrets every recruiter knows.

Over the course of Eric's years of recruiting, he has coached candidates on every topic related to a job search. In this workshop he will talk about what works and does not work in the hiring process. He will explain the workings and perspectives of corporations and agencies. A range of topics will be briefly covered, with time for more detailed questions on specific topics.

Eric Derby of The Software Scout and Staffing Insights began his career as a software developer, then a network manager, and accidentally found his way into recruiting. In his 20 years in staffing he has worked as a headhunter, worked for staffing agencies, worked on-site with corporations, and is currently back to running his own company and working as a staffing consultant. He has a rare combination of a technical degree and a human resources certification, and has worked with companies from both the inside and outside. Eric’s experience provides a diverse and unusual perspective on staffing.

Join us in the fight for truth, justice, and getting the offer.


Modern Monitoring with Grafana and Loki

In this talk, we’ll hear from Ed Welch, a software engineer at Grafana Labs. He’ll cover the latest open source offering for aggregating and storing logs: Loki. Loki was built to store logs more affordably than existing offerings through design tradeoffs on log content indexing. Come learn how Loki works and see it in action with Grafana, demonstrating how you can pivot from alerts to log content with just a few clicks. We will also cover using Loki to generate metrics from your log data allowing you to instrument “black box” applications.