We are a community of professionals in disciplines related to software development in the Greater Rochester Area. We are Software and Quality Assurance Engineers, Product Managers and Entrepreneurs, and Students and Teachers looking to share our experiences and knowledge with one another in an effort to support and grow the community as a whole.


Everyday, we chat on Slack, helping each other with a baffling stack trace, talking about the latest tech news, and sharing career advice. We have channels for popular languages like JavaScript and Python as well as popular topics like cryptocurrencies and working remotely. Join us; we're friendly.

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Twice per month, a member of the community will present a topic on which he or she is knowledgeable and wants to share. In the past, these topics have included deploying with Docker, building home automation, and the latest JavaScript frameworks. To join us, sign up with Meetup to be notified of our next event.


This site as well as other projects made by and for the members of the RocDev community can be found on GitHub. If you want to contribute or see how something was done, feel free to browse our projects. We welcome all kinds of bug reports, feature suggestions, and pull requests.


This site is hosted on DigitalOcean. If you're looking for an inexpensive and straightforward cloud provider, consider signing up via https://m.do.co/c/cff11ae2eb14.

We also accept support via Patreon. All proceeds go directly back into supporting the organization and tech education.